Lawn and Horticultural Services


Palm Tree Pest Control and Mold Remediation

Common palm problems include: Red mites, scale, aphids, sooty mold, root rot, leaf spots, lethal yellowing and weevils.
Palm Tree Fertilization and Systemic Insecticide Treatments
Palms are an integral part of the Florida landscape. From the Sego Palms to the Majestic Majewel, whether it its red mites, scale, fungus or a nutrient deficiency PIP Termite & Pest Control can diagnose and treat them all. Different palms are prone to certain diseases and/or problems so it is important to protect this intricate landscape investment. Maintaining a scheduled fertilization and insecticide program will bring about optimal beauty and life for the palms and landscape.
Palm Tree Pest Control | South Florida

Herbicide Lawn Treatment and Weed Prevention

A herbicide lawn treatment is important for a healthy lawn. It not only kills existing weeds but also assist in the prevention of future weeds. Fall and Winter is the optimal time for the application of Broadleaf herbicide treatments. However, yellow- nut sedge weeds can be treated year round. It is recommended to have 2 applications along with the implementation of corrected irrigation and maintenance procedures for optimal results. Please call and schedule your weed treatments now.
This year more than ever it seems that we are experiencing more lawns having a problem with fungus. Evidence of a fungus is a brown lesion on the grass blades that quickly spread to form large brown spots in the lawn. Fungus starts from over watering practices as it is a form of plant root rot, also a dull mower blade will pass a fungus from one lawn to another. An initial fungicide treatment needs to be followed up with a second treatment 7 to 14 days later in order to correct the problem.

Our Lawn and Horticultural Services Include:

  • Spiraling Whitefly Treatment
  • Fig Whitefly Treatment
  • Fire Ant Treatment
  • Lawn Spraying
  • Shrub Spraying
  • Palm Tree Fertilization
  • Systemic Insecticide
  • Sod Replacement