No Tent Termite Treatment Solutions in Broward and Palm Beach, FL

At P.I.P we are environmentally smart at stopping termites from destroying your home. We offer a Tent-Free Termite Control package that can solve your problems today. Avoid having to leave your home, removing food and protecting your plants. No more using lethal sulfur-fluoride fumigation to rid your house of termites. Our Tent-Free termite treatment is the solution.
No-Tent Termite Treatment Advantage
  • You do not need to leave your home
  • The whole neighborhood does not need to know
  • You do not need to removing your food
  • You do not need to worry about pets or plants
  • You do not need to trim back trees or hedges and shrubs
  • No risk of structural or roof damage
  • You do not need to worry about moving exterior items on your home
  • Most Importantly, You Do Not Need To Interrupt Your Busy Life!!!
Types No Tent Treatment Solutions

At P.I.P. Termite and Pest Control we offer the best of both worlds when it comes to Drywood Termite control, with our No Tent, No Hassle Termite Control. We treat your home with state of art stealth non-repellant termiticide by Bayer. No more leaving the house for 3 days, no prepping the house, boarding the pets, burnt landscaping, broken roof tile, etc. as for subterranean termites, we offer a variety of termite bait systems that are design to trick the termites into bringing the poisoned bait back to their underground colonies and ultimately eliminating the colony.

Each treatment type provides an affective alternative to the traditional tent fumigation process and keeps your home termite free. Ask about our Renewable Lifetime Transferable Warranties. If you think your property might be infested with termites, contact P.I.P. today to schedule a Free Pest Control Audit!