Gumbo Limbo Spiraling Whitefly Specialists in Broward and Palm beach, FL

PIP Termite & Pest Control was one of the first pest control companies in South Florida to identify and successfully treat and prevent this new species of whitefly. Our technicians use a proven treatment and prevention plan that immediately treats the infected plant(s) and protects the healthy plants to prevent further infestation. Our fully trained certified technicians bring many years of experience to each and every job site, ensuring your pest problem is solved correctly, with a professional written recommended treatment plan. That's our guarantee to you.
Gumbo Limbo or Roguse Spiraling Whitefly

This new whitefly is a larger and slower moving insect than the fig ficus whitefly and is capable of infesting a wide range of landscape plants from:
  • gumbo limbo
  • banana
  • black olive
  • mango
  • palm trees
  • live oak
  • and other plants and palms
Infested Leaves - Pest Control in Palm Beach, FL
Do You Have Spiraling Whitefly?The spiraling whitefly is easily identified by the unique spiral white patterns they make on the underside of the leaves of an infected plant. This coats the eggs and immature whiteflies. If populations build-up greatly, infested plants can become covered with the white, waxy substance. This can sometimes become weakened and also be disfigured by the black sooty mold that grows on the insect's excrement (referred to as honeydew). The sticky honeydew can accumulate on cars, pool decks and patio furniture from infested trees overhead. Like their close relative, the fig ficus Whitefly, they are easily spread from plant to plant by wind patterns. However, unlike the fig ficus whitefly, they do not cause the infected tree's leaves to rapidly fall off. If left untreated, the tree's leaves will turn black and leave the sooty mold on nearby building structures, surfaceas and cars; as well as continue to infect other healthy nearby trees

Honeydew does not damage paint. Once the insect is under control, the sooty mold and honeydew will disappear.
Palm Tree Whitefly Infestation

In South Florida most properties have numerous palm tree species (Foxtail, Royal, Travelers, Coconuts, Christmas, Alexander, Robellini, Robellini, Canary Island Date, Areca, Banana and more) that are vulnerable to the spiraling whitefly; and in most cases this environment leads to complete infestations of all of the plants on your property. Therefore, it is extremely important to begin a treatment and prevention plan upon the initial onset of the spiraling whitefly on your property. If you have questions regarding spiraling whitefly or would like to schedule a free pest control audit, please call P.I.P Termite & Pest Control at 954-570-5307.