Tenting and Fumigation in Broward and Palm Beach, FL

The tenting process is commonly used as an alternative to no-tent termite solutions for drywood termites. Drywood termites colonize in structural wood making them harder to identify during routine pest control and wood rot inspections. This also makes them harder to prevent through termite baiting systems. The tent fumigation process is designed to seal off the infested structure and attack the drywood termite colonies.
Tent Fumigation Process

Termite Fumigation is performed by covering the entire structure with canvas tarps and ensure a tight seal is formed around the structure in preparation of the fumigation process. This allows the fumigation process to penetrate the wood, throughout the property, and eliminate any termites and other pests. Once the fumigation is complete, the tarps are removed all of the openingss (windows, doors, etc.) are opened and fans are brought in to aerate the property to remove any remaining pesticides. Then are samples are taken to ensure it is safe to return to the property.
Tenting - Pest Control in Palm Beach, FL
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